The World Padel Tour ambassador is the link between WPT and his club. He wears the WPT coloros with pride, informs and communicates about the event.

To become a WPT ambassador, you need to :

1) Have the official approval of the club

2) Be a person of responsibility in this club and recognized as such

3) Relay our news, communications, ...

4) Place our communications on the padel courts, at the bar, at the entrance of the club, on your website and on your social networks.

5) Give us all your complete information: club address, phone number, your mobile phone, email and club website, your email, number of indoor and outdoor courts, your size in textile, your language, ...

Once accepted, you will be included in our whatsapp group: WPT Belgium ambassadors which will be the main channel of information. You will also have a WPT ambassadors section on our website.


Once you have sent us the proof of placement of our communication, you will receive WPT textile.


Finally, you will have priority during 1 week to reserve tickets for your club members. Your members will get a discount of 5€ per ticket until June 1st (not included) via you if they fill in our info form and like our FB and Insta.


Want to be our ambassador ? Contact Vincent Laureyssens at